Led strip in alu profile 100cm

Mooie led verlichting ingebouwd in aluminium profiel met aansluiting 220V.

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Technical data 

  • 100cm
  • cool white
  • 220V

Saving energy Led strip in alu profiel 100cm with regard to the lamp 30W

Number of hours used per dayConsumption 14WConsumption light bulb 30WEconomy
2 uur€1.89€4.06€2.22
4 uur€3.79€8.12€4.44
6 uur€5.68€12.18€6.66
8 uur€7.58€16.23€8.88
10 uur€9.47€20.29€11.1
12 uur€11.36€24.35€13.32
24 uur€22.73€48.7€26.63